Hurricane Season

hurricane season

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Hurricane Season

We all look forward to summer. Who does not like sunny days, barbecues, and days at the beach? But fun in the sun is not the only things the comes with summer. June 1st is the official start of the Atlantic Hurricane Season. With the immense amount of damage seen last year in Houston and Puerto Rico, it would not be prudent to believe that Hampton Roads is immune to a possible disaster.

So, while you are making plans for summer vacation, please take the time to make plans for hurricane season. Severe storms can strike at any moment. It’s important for all home and business owners to develop an emergency plan now, before the  big storm hits. Here are a few tips to help people protect their homes, belongings and families during severe weather events.

  • Establish an emergency plan – Involve the entire family or staff in your emergency plan, which should include details about the safest room in the building during severe weather, evacuation routes, and a predetermined meeting place in case someone gets separated during an evacuation.
  • Create a storm kit for your home or business and keep it replenished all summer long.
    • To start a kit, get a plastic bucket or backpack and fill it with emergency supplies-water, first aid kit, flashlights and extra batteries, a radio, nonperishable food and cash. In addition, scan all of your important paperwork, like financial documents, insurance papers and birth certificates, and save them to a USB drive or CD. Once your storm kit is assembled, store it in a secure location in where it can be accessed
      • Emergency Supply Kit
        • Copies of important paperwork
        • Flashlight and extra batteries
        • Portable, battery operated radio
        • First aid kit/manual and essential medicines
          • Make sure you have enough prescription medication to last during possible evacuation and sheltering.
        • Cash, Cell Phone (fully charged)
        • Bottled Water (minimum 3 gallons per person)
        • Toiletries and personal hygiene products
        • Canned Food and non-electric can opener
        • Bedding
        • Sleeping Bags
        • Protective clothing
        • Rain wear
        • Whistle (In case you are trapped and need to make noise)
        • Items for you pets:
          •  Food
          • Water
          • Carriers
          • Leashes
          • Litter
          • Blankets
          • Collars with id tags
  • Stay informed – During the summer, stay tuned to local weather forecasters when threatening weather is on the horizon and follow directions provided by local emergency officials to help keep your family and your home as secure as possible. Invest in a weather radio that alerts you and your family of potentially dangerous weather in your area. This is especially important when severe weather strikes in the middle of the night.
  • Consider emergency backup power –Power lines are easily damaged by high winds, heavy rains and even lightning. A permanent standby generator is often viewed as the best option for homeowners to maintain power during and after severe weather, because it provides automatic, whole-home power during extended outages.


Remember that if your home or business is damaged, Peerless offers 24/7 emergency tarping and board up services.  Peerless is insurance approved and can also provide complete damage mitigation and full reconstruction.

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