Checking for Water Damage

Water Damaged Carpet

Checking for Water Damage

Maintaining a property is a lot of work. One thing that most of us worry about it water damage. Since we don’t notice any issues we don’t think we have any, but that may not be the case.

If you have an obvious leak, flood, or sewage back-up there is no question that your home or business may have been affected by water damage. However sometimes, checking for water damage may not be that simple. Some quick inspections around your home or business can help you either prevent or reduce damage.

First of all, when checking for water damage examine all accessible pipes, faucets, seals, and fittings. It is especially important to look under sinks, toilets, or in cabinets. Home appliances such as your washing machine, refrigerator, even your air conditioner are also common causes of leaks. When hoses age and begin to crack, or condensation begins to build, these useful machines can cause a lot of damage. The pipes in your crawl space, basement, and attic can also present an issue. Try to make a point of inspecting them several times a year. Your clues may not just be visible dripping. Look for wetness or damp musty smells. This can all indicate a water leak.

There may be clues around your home as well. Look closely for signs of discoloration and cracks. Look up! If you see dark spots or cracks in the ceiling, further investigation is needed. Dark spots or cracks on walls may indicate a leak inside the wall.

Also pay attention to your floors. Discoloration or dampness in carpets, buckling of hardwood floors, and the feeling of weak spots in the floor can indicate a slow-leak or possibly issues in the crawl space or basement. Even if the area is not damp currently discoloration, dark spots, buckling, and weakness can all be an indicators of chronic problems.

Your roof and attic can also reveal water issues. If you can, climb onto your roof and examine it yourself. If you notice holes, discoloration of the shingles, missing shingles or feel”soft spots” in the roof, this might indicate that your roof is not keeping the rain out. If you cannot examine the roof yourself, many companies will offer roof evaluations and inspections. You may also get an indication of roof issues from the attic. Is the attic damp and musty? Can you see any pools of moisture? Are there dark spots on the ceiling? You may have a leak and potential water damage.

If you suspect that you may have water damage, call Peerless ! We will be happy to thoroughly evaluate your situation.

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2 thoughts on “Checking for Water Damage

  1. Its helpful when you said that a leak inside the wall could be indicated by dark stains or fissures on the walls by water damage. I live in a flood prone area and I want to repair the water tank that has been broken beside my house. Thanks for the tips on checking for water damage and I will look forward to hiring a good service for my house soon!


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