Checking for Water Damage

Water Damaged Carpet

Making sure your home or business is free of water damage and save time, money, and stress. Here is a guide,

Enzymes, Nature’s Littlest Helper


Enzymes What are they? How do they work? You see it all the time on cleaning products, “Now with Enzymes” or “Powered by Enzymes”. Have you ever wondered what is an enzyme and how does it help clean or freshen? In order to understand a little more about enzymes and bio-enzymatic cleaners, you have to understand a little … Continue reading Enzymes, Nature’s Littlest Helper

A Brief History of Lead Paint

A Brief History of Lead Paint (Part one of our lead series) In the beginning Humans have been using pigments to color our surroundings for over 40,000 years. Throughout this period, we have used all manner of substances to create colors that we use for paint. One of the substances that was widely used to … Continue reading A Brief History of Lead Paint

Peerless Carpet Cleaning

Peerless Carpet Cleaning

Peerless Carpet Care and Restoration Services Peerless Carpet Cleaning Residential Carpet Cleaning Having family and friends in town? Need to clean up after their visit? Doing spring cleaning? Moving? Pet contamination? Feel confident knowing you can call Peerless throughout the year to take care of your cleaning needs. We use the leading industry methods of … Continue reading Peerless Carpet Cleaning

What is that Smell?

what is that smell

Peerless Carpet Care and Restoration Services What is that Smell? How to Control Odors and Breathe Easy One of the most trying issues faced by homeowners and property managers are complaints about “bad” smells. Does the hall smell a little musty after the rain? Is that pervading pet odor in the lobby back again? Is … Continue reading What is that Smell?