Peerless Summer Specials

Summer Specials As the weather gets warmer there is a lot more outdoor activity. Unfortunately, all the activity often leads to bringing some of the outdoors in. Camp outs, Beach Days, and Barbecues are great for the spirit, but not so great on your carpets traffic areas. In addition a lot of folks wait for … Continue reading Peerless Summer Specials

Peerless Guide to Frozen Pipes

Peerless Guide to Frozen Pipes Now that the frozen winter weather has come to Hampton Roads, we have more to worry about than just staying home. When the temperature dips below freezing we have to contend with than just keeping warm.Because our climate is generally temperate, many homes and building do not have a lot … Continue reading Peerless Guide to Frozen Pipes

A Brief History of Lead Paint

A Brief History of Lead Paint (Part one of our lead series) In the beginning Humans have been using pigments to color our surroundings for over 40,000 years. Throughout this period, we have used all manner of substances to create colors that we use for paint. One of the substances that was widely used to … Continue reading A Brief History of Lead Paint