Why you should never use Bleach to Kill Mold

Why you should never use Bleach to Kill Mold It is a frightening thing. It could be that dark patch in the corner, the fuzz under the windowsill, or that strange smell in the basement. Could it be the “m” word? Maybe you had the growth trifecta. When any home or business has the right … Continue reading Why you should never use Bleach to Kill Mold

Tips for Fire Prevention


Tips for Fire Prevention October is Fire Prevention Month.  As we say goodbye to summer and hello to cooler temperatures,  we  have to turn on or light up a heat source. It is important to remember that many heating systems require regular service. While the heating systems today are much safer than in the past, there are … Continue reading Tips for Fire Prevention

Getting Ready for Spring

Spring Cleaning and Maintenance As spring approaches, we all long for sunny days, flowers, and warmer weather. The changing of seasons is also a great time to evaluate your home and catch up on some simple organizing and maintenance tasks.  A little effort spent in maintenance pays for itself ten times over in money save on … Continue reading Getting Ready for Spring