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Water damage can occur in many ways. The damage may come in the form of a  flood, rain, a leaky pipe, or a sewage back up. Regardless of the cause, water damage is serious. There are so many potential causes and degrees of water damage. When it comes to Water Damage Restoration, no two incidents are exactly alike.  Mitigation and  Water Damage Repair must be tailored to each unique situation.

Because Water damage is progressive, the longer a structure or item remains wet, the more difficult the restoration will be come. For some items  restoration may only possible on items in the first 48 hours of damage. Therefore it is extremely important to begin the extraction and drying process as quickly as possible when you experience water damage in Norfolk.

In addition to structural damage, allowing water to sit in an area may increase health risks. Contaminated water presents a risk of exposure. In addition, the presence of moisture, even in clean water, can accelerate the growth mold and mildew.

Furthermore,  moisture can lead to an increase in humidity throughout the structure.  As a result, items that were not affected by the original source of water can absorb this  excess moisture from the air. Because of this humidity, these items may now be damaged. In addition structures that are not dried out quickly and properly can become a food source for mold growth.

Peerless Can Help !

Peerless professionals are experienced and kept abreast of the most current mitigation procedures. In our use of “Rapid Structural Drying” protocol, Peerless will your dry entire structure as quickly as possible. We use state-of-the-art equipment and technology.  Our Moisture Meters and Thermal Imaging Cameras are used to locate moisture that may not be visible. This Moisture may be hidden behind walls or cabinets. Our  IICRC Certified technicians will use any means necessary to ensure that all wet materials are dry.

In addition Peerless has been working with major insurance companies for decades.  Our trained staff will be able to make the recovery process a lot easier for you. Peerless is a preferred vendor with most major insurance carriers. As a result, you can rest assured that a call to Peerless will make your claims process and recovery easier. You can trust Peerless to quickly mitigate your Water Damage Norfolk.

Count on Peerless to be the best choice in water damage repair, damage mitigation, decontamination, and construction.